Our Company Identity

We are a unique group of the musical band, tracing our roots to a musical town in the UK.A fusion group with a lot of performances enjoyed by many fans worldwide, we specialize in Welsh music which is more of folklore, with choirs sung by our male voice leads with harps which are synonymous to Welsh country music, adapted to suit our modern audiences.

The identity of our rock band is purely based on melody, bringing out the rawness of country folk as well as soft romantic old classics, well received by fans over the web. Being a fusion group, we have our own music blog and live recordings in the web series. Today's audiences are deprived of old classics, which our band members specialize in presenting the original form, and also a newer version of the jazz pieces for functions, and weddings.

Different types of Music

We have experts and well-rehearsed musicians, guitarists, bass players who apart from their successful careers have dedicated a lot of time and energy to increase the band's presence beyond our country and always stick to the originality of any musical piece rendered. In-depth knowledge of the music industry and endeavor to give great performance is a passion of the group members of our band which is immensely popular.

We have also recently launched our musical app, the melody which is the result of hard work of dedicated members of our group with recorded versions of original classics which are good music to the ears. The music app playlist gets updated every day with one new song, and timeless classic, showered with a lot of likes in social media. You name it we play it for you, rock & Roll, hard metal rock, soft romantic classics of yesteryears or new compositions by our band, have a touch of elegance and harmoniously coordinated music by the band.